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The Giromagi’s Company was born in 1996
and today it sells 5 millions succulent plants in the world.

The Giromagi’s Company has been working on the italian and foreign market for years, concerning cactus plants with its exclusive products and an extraordinary passion for the cactus’s world.

The renewed confidence from its customers for the quality of the products, for the service efficiency and for the daily engagement, has allowed the Company Giromagi to increase and to became a leader Enterprise in this job sector.


Through the changeless and steady presence on the market and to the close cooperation with its own customers, during the time the Giromagi’s Company has been able to locate and select the most prestigiuos and the most requested varieties of cactus and succulent plants.
This has made the Company unique on its industry and it is chosen by the most important and prestigious italian and foreign plants producers companies.

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